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The Ethiopian Software Testing Qualification Board (ESTQB) was founded on July 12, 2012 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by a group of software engineering and testing practitioners, consultants, academics, and trainers.

Since July 15th, 2019 The Ethiopian Software Testing Qualification Board (ESTQB) change it name as the Ethiopian Software Testing Association-ESTA.

ESTA members are native Ethiopians, working both government and private ICT organizations, aware of software process technologies, testing and quality practices, standards and best practices.

The ESTQB was awarded admission as Member Board to ISTQB on March 28, 2014 at San Francisco, USA, by ISTQB General Assembly.

The ESTA is a Non-Profit organization based in Ethiopia. It registered legally as "The Ethiopian Software Testing Association (ESTA).

It provides an exclusive service to the IT industries, IT Professionals, Communities and supports software testing professionals in Ethiopia.

The ESTA provides international certification to software testing professionals as prescribed and defined by the ISTQB.

International certification can be achieved on a Foundation or/and Advanced Level course(s).

The ESTA also provides a reliable accreditation infrastructure to the public and the industry for the training and education of software testing professionals.

The ESTA makes examination sessions available to the public and to training providers.

The ESTA comprises a group of dedicated and highly experienced software testing professionals who volunteer their time to promote software testing as a professional career in Ethiopia.


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