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Executive Association Members

Name ESTA Position Organization
Hamid Ali President Private Company
Gashaw Shibabaw Vice President NGO
Yenenesh Shibabaw Secretary Banker, Nib International Bank
Ayalew Asfaw Treasurer Private Company
Endalkachew Baye Association Member Private Company
Henock Seifu Association Member Freelance Software Developer and Testing Consultant
Noh Haileab Association Member Private Company Freelance

Working Group Members

Name ESTA Working Group Position CTFL Course Completed
Ayalew Shebeshi Marketing Working Group Chair Yes
Gashaw Shibabaw Examination Working Group Chair No
Frehiwot Mekonnen Marketing Working Group Member Yes
Fentahun Ayalew Process Working Group Member Yes
Muluken Birhan Agile Working Group Member Yes
Dereje Mamo Advanced Working Group Member Yes
Mulu Gebreegziabher Foundation Working Group Member Yes

ESTA Founder & Association Members

Photo Ayalew is Founder and General Manager iTTS PLC Training & Consulting Servise based in Ethiopia. He also serves as Marketing and Technical Manager of iTTS PLC. Ayalew comes from a software development and Quality Assurance (QA)and Quality Control(QC) background which have stood him in good stead for his Quality Assurance and testing roles which most recently have focused on the practice of ISTQB Foundation Level accredited trainer as management and direction of quality and testing services within organizations large and small, public and private.

With over 15 years experience managing the delivery of testing in projects, programs and testing services, Ayalew is highly focused on the smart devices application development and testing practices, and supporting the added value that skilled trainer professionals can bring in delivering organizational outcomes.

Ayalew has been working on the ESTQB organizer and join ISTQB Exam working Group since March 2014 and is a member of the ISTQB Exam Working Group. He has presented at conferences and professional networks in Australia and Ethiopia.
He also presented Ethiopia's ESTQB membership application at Shanghai, China, Cape Town, South Africa and San Francisco, USA ISTQB General Assambly.
Ayalew holds the ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing and a Software Engineering profession.

In addtion he volunteers of managing all the ESTQB activities.

Ayalew designed, developed and maintains Multi-lingual( Amharic & English) SMS & Email Messaging Application for both Windows Phone 8 OS version 8.0 & above and Android OS version 3.0 & above.
His Amharic SMS & Email Messaging Application can be installed on both Windows Phone 8 OS & Android OS compatable smart devices (mobile phones and tablets).
He also developed Multi-lingual Library Information Database System called eLM, currently used by
Ethiopian National Archive and Library Agency & Ethiopian Airlines.

Photo Gashaw is professionally an Agriculturalist and Co-founder. Currently he is working in program coordination, Managing and project developing activities in one of native Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) to assist communities in different parts of Ethiopia.

Project administration and management is the key part of his current duties. Since 1981 he worked on research, development and management sectors. Most of the work is done using computer software.
Using software designed tools and guidelines, in the areas of development project monitoring and evaluation, financial management and other verified technologies equipped with systematic approaches will be possible to bring changes desired for the development of the people of Ethiopia.
He committed his spare time to support ESTQB that will bring better results in the near future on software testing and keeping all its standards required for the country to be competent in the World. In addition he volunteers especially the ESTQB administration activities.

Photo Fentanun started his job as ICT Teacher for Merawi Preparatory School, Ethiopia from Dec, 2007 Feb, 2008.
He joined the Bahirdar Administration Office as Network Administrator, Ethiopia from Feb, 2008 2010.
Since April 2010, he works as Network Administrator for Amhara Revenue Authority, Ethiopia.
He has has the following educational background:
Oracle Training Program, from Oracle representative in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Microsoft Server 2008 from ITSC pvt ltd company, Ethiopia.
CISCO networking from ITSC pvt ltd company, Ethiopia.
BSc.,Information Science, Addis Ababa University,2006/07, Ethiopia

Fentahun wants to share and transfer his experiences, knowledge, and skills for young people by working with them and learning from them. In addition he volunteers and serving as Treasurer. Fentahun has successfully completed ISTQB Foundation Level course and became a Certified Tester Foundation Level(CTFL).

Henock Seiefu : Association Member and SiGiST Ethiopia Co-ordinator

Photo Henock Seifu is a young and enthusiastic Software Test Engineer. He studied Computer Science & Software Engineering. For the last 6 Years, he was involved in Software Development as well as Hardware and Networking Environments and accumulated wider knowldge and experiences. He started his career as a programmer, and then moved to Software Project Management (SPM) and for the last two years has been involved in Software Testing & Quality Assurance areas.

Henock has a certificate of ISTQB Certified Foundation Level (CTFL) as a qualify Software Tester. He performes and is familiar with both Automated Testing and Manual Testing Tools such as HP Quality Center & Microsoft Test Manager. His involvement in Software Projects are included in Business Applications, Health Information Management Systems and E-Government Projects.
Three recent Projects he was responsible for and participated in are:

In addition he volunteers organizing SiGiST-Ethiopia general activities. Henock has successfully completed ISTQB Foundation Level course and became a Certified Tester Foundation Level(CTFL).

Photo Yenenesh start work for Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) at Arada Giorgis branch, Addis Ababa,2007. She transfered as office attendant to CBE Gurdshola branch, airport terminal customs service for three years,2004-2006. Then she worked as office assistance for skill drivers training center. Currently she is working at Nib international bank of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. She has Diploma in accounting from Rift Valley University College, in July 2010, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Also she has Certificate in accounting from, Nefas Silk TVET College, in 2008, Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Now she is studying her 3rd year degree program at Rift Valley University,Addis Ababa Ethiopia
She has has successfully completed ISTQB Foundation Level course and became a Certified Tester Foundation Level(CTFL).

Photo Endalkachew is a young engineer, Founder and Technical Director of UNIX ICT Solutions. Endalkachew is the entrepreneur and an analyst programmer at I Technology Transfer Services (iTTS) PLC, from May 2011 to date. He started developing an Android version of iTTS's Amharic SMS & Email Messaging Application. He served as an IT Officer for Marie Stopes International, Ethiopia, from May 2011 to 2013 and he is Technical Director for Unix ICT Solutions, Ethiopia, Jan 2010 to date.
He extended his skills as Lab Instructor for HiLCoE, School of Computer Science and Technology, Feb 2010 to May 2011 & also he developed software for Hajj Pilgrimage Management System Developer, Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Council, from Aug 2010 Nov 2010. He also worked as an Assistant Database Developer for United Nations World Food Program, from May 2009 to Mar 2010. He has also workd as Junior Network and Hardware Specialist for Consolidated Technologies, from Sep 2008 to May 2009 and designed and developed daynamic database driven software use for Student Management System for Asco-Progress Academy, from Jun 2008 to Feb 2009.
Endalkache is the first trainee to get certification of ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL).
In addtion he volunteers for the ESTQB general activities.

Currently Frehiwot is working as a software tester for Zenterio in Sweden.
She studied Electrical and computer engineering at Addis Ababa university and graduated in 2011, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
After graduation she got an internship opportunity and moved to Sweden.
For the last 6 years she has been working as a software tester for TV software production company called "Zenterio".
She took ISTQB foundation level course and received ISTQB FL certification in 2015 from Sweden Software Testing Board (SSTB).
Recently Frehiwot became a member of ESTQB and a volunteer for the ESTQB as Marketing Working Group Member.
Frehiwot is representing ESTQB for ISTQB GA at Berlin, Germany, October - November 2018.


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