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1. What is the Ethiopian Software Testing Qualification Board (ESTQB)?

Ethiopian Software Testing Qualification Board (ESTQB) was founded on July 12, 2012 by a group of software engineering and testing practitioners, consultants, academics, and trainers.
ESTA members are native Ethiopians; working in leading Ethiopian ICT organizations, involved and aware of testing and software process technologies, standards, and best practices.
The Ethiopian Software Testing Board (ESTQB) was awarded admission as Member Board to ISTQB on March 28, 2014 at San Francisco, USA by ISTQB.
Since July 15th, 2019, The Ethiopian Software Testing Qualification Board (ESTQB) change it name as the Ethiopian Software Testing Association-ESTA.

2.What is the ISTQB - International Software Testing Qualifications Board?

ISTQB is a non-profit organization responsible for defining various guidelines such as examination structure and regulations, accreditation, certification e.t.c. software testing qualifications.
Working groups within the ISTQB are responsible for developing and maintaining the syllabi and exams.
The ISTQB comprises representatives from each existing National and Regional Board.

3. What is the ISTQB Certified Tester program?

The ISTQB Certified Tester program provides certification for software testers internationally.
There are three levels of certification: The Foundation, Advanced and Expert levels.
For more info., please visit: ISTQB Courses

4. How can I obtain the Certified Software Tester Certificate?

To be certified, you must successfully pass the ISTQB certification exams.
In order to pass the test you must acquire professional knowledge in the field of testing, and be familiar with the basics and work processes of software testing.
The Ethiopian Software Testing Association (ESTA) is the sole Examination Institute/Certification Body for the ISTQB certificates in Ethiopia.
For more information regarding the exam schedule ESTA provides, please contact:

Land Line Phone: + 251 115 572 852
Mobile Phone: +61 410 847 123
Fax: + 251 11 515 7395

5.How do I find a Training Provider?

iTTS (i Technology Transfer Services) PLC is the only ISTQB accredited training provider in Ethiopia.
To get a list of accredited training providers by ESTA, please visit: iTTS PLC

6.What does an ISTQB certificate tell me about the skills of a software tester?

The Foundation Level exam tests for knowledge, not skill. It provides information about the certificate holder's level of familiarity with the most common concepts of software testing and the associated terminology.
It does not require work experience. The Foundation Level exam is a stepping stone toward the Advanced Level, this is more in-depth and much more practice-orintated.
Information on the knowledge and skills that need to be demonstrated in order to get the certificate can be found in the ISTQB syllabi of the certification levels.

7. How many ISTQB certified testers are there?

more than 673,000 certifications in over 120 countries world-wide (more info visit: ISTQB Certification Worldwide)
iTTS PLC contribute six Ethiopians in to this number.

8. What are the advantages of ISTQB certification?

This certificate is recognized in multiple countries in multiple continents. Hardly any other certification has adoption in as many countries as this one.
Please see ISTQB Worldwide Local Boards
Test experts from various countries are constantly working towards defining and refining the syllabus, the exam pattern, the examination questions and compiling the valuable information on testing around the World.
The non-profit nature of ISTQB ensures that nobody has a vested interest in Promoting a particular Body of Knowledge (BOK) or a particular book.
All materials developed by ISTQB is developed on a voluntary basis and are made available for free by ISTQB.

9. Is this certification acknowledged across the world?

Yes, it is an internationally recognized certification program.

10. What is the exam format?

The Foundation Level exam is a 60-minute multiple choice, closed-book exam.
The 40 questions making up the exam are designed to evaluate a candidate's knowledge and understanding of the entire Foundation syllabus. A grade of 65% must be attained in order to pass.

11. What is the exam based on?

The exam is based on the ISTQB Software Testing Syllabus which can be a download syllabus

12. Are the exams always the same?

No. The questions come from a pool of questions and are being combined differently such that the exam itself changes constantly while the level of difficulty remains comparable.

13. What percentage do I need to answer correctly to achieve a pass?

You need to score 65% or better to pass (i.e. 26 questions out of 40)
ISTQB Exam Rules Reference

14. Do the questions relate to the glossary as well as the syllabus, or do I only need to learn the syllabus?

Questions relate to the syllabus but you will need to learn the glossary as well.

15. How much does an ISTQB compliant course cost?

That depends on the training company you choose. Since all accredited training companies operate independently, their pricing will vary.
One of the core principles of the ISTQB certification program is to ensure competition at the training level, so please shop around.

16. How can I verify whether a training provider is actually ISTQB accredited?

By checking whether or not that training company is listed on the ESTA and SASTQB website as an ISTQB accredited training provider.

17. Is attendance at the courses mandatory before taking the exam?

No. but the courses can be taken to prepare for the exam

18. Is there any validity period for this certification?

The ISTQB Certified Tester-Foundation Level certificate is valid for life.
The ISTQB Certified Tester-Advanced Level certificate is valid for 3 years.

19. What abbreviation could I put on my CV?

You can use "CTFL" for "Certified Tester Foundation Level" and "CTAL" for "Certified Tester Advanced Level".

20. Is there any study material for this exam?

The ESTA does not supply study material for examinations.
Please see the resources page for syllabus: Download syllabus

21. Can I take the exam online?

Online exams are not yet available in Ethiopia.
Exams are held only at the premises of the Ethiopian Software Testing Association (ESTA) selected place in Addis Ababa.

22. How can I become an accredited training provider?

Please visit: Be comes an Accredited Training Provider


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